All photos were taken from inside of a van either in motion, or stopped for a brief moment, to capture art as it's happening in real time. - June 2021

Man In San Francisco park gazing aimlessly at a distance from the camera that is pointing at him for a brief moment while I'm inside a van stopped at a stoplight. - June 2021

Stop and Think

Tired Lady Crossing Street

Door Dash

Red Wall Bus Stop

Street Sweeper Performer

Traveling Lady

Corner Street Market Man

Cat Crusader

Bike Rider

Lady in Pink! Man in Red!

Busy Bus Stop

The Homeless and the Texter

Man on the Ledge

Curiosity Man

Man and his Beer

Lady In The Sidewalk Sunlight

Passing Through

Corner Street Delivery

Crosswalk Delivery

Center of Attention

Walking The Distance

Memory Lane

Crossing Paths

Lyft Biker

The Painter and Her Son

8 Seconds

Mono Masonic Man

Strike a Pose...

Now Vogue!

Resting Man

Sleep Walker

One Small Step for Man

Special Delivery

Not Abbey Road

Text Before Crossing

Art Walk

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